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Three blind mice in London
September 1, 2007, 11:42 pm
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Ok so this isnt going to be too interesting for many of you as its just my girlfriend and best mate getting hella drunk whilst the three of us met up in London back in June, but they were good times and the photos bring back good memories of 2 very funny nights!

So the first lot is when Lanie and i met Jake, my oldest mate, in London. he had arrived from the states i think, and hadn’t slept much due to a rather wild few days in Vegas. All neopan 1600, except the last frame which is trix 400 +2

Getting ready for yet another night on the tins.

Its all very exciting.

Look its raining, again!

Thats the ‘you’re not funnny fergus’ look. I get that one a lot.

Mighty Wood Green tube station, good times!

Meet up with Jakey at Hammersmith enroute to Lanies brothers house. Stoked.

And so begins what would seem like an endless torrent of double vodka and redbulls!


From this point on i really only have the memories of whats on these negs, bits here and there, but generally all a bit blurry.

This scene for instance, i can’t for the life of me remember what Lanie was doing!


Little guys getting all tuckered out.

And this, inevitably, is the result. Central London, waiting for the night bus home.

This lot are from yet another rainy afternoon in London. We were checking out the Portobello Road Markets in Notting Hill when it started to rain, so we popped into a nice looking pub on the corner for ‘lunch’. 6 hours and far to many rounds of cider later we emerged, and ended up in Wimbledon for some reason! This bunch are all trix 400 shot @ 400 but proccessed at 1600 (oops! dev’ing with a hangover results in mistakes!)

The pub was old school and had these sectioned areas, so you had to duck to get around, was killer.

The boy loved that hat.

Yours truly, bad hair day huh!

Not anymore thanks to my crack team of hair stylists.

Maybe i loved that hat as well.

The eyes of a borderline alchoholic. Seedy mahhn.

The reason for the eyes, cider, pure liquid gold!

Marcy son!

Really needs no explanation.

Good times with digi cams.

Rumble puckering up.

On the way to Wimbledon.

Jake is the scary guy at the train station.

Causing ruckas.

Good fucking times!


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those vodka-bull frames are precious. vodka bull is fantastic… gave me the most remarkable hangovers ever.

Comment by Bernhard

nice coverage of that night (;
the ones with lanie and her umbrella especially.

vodka bull… pfew bernard really runs wild after a few vodkabulls ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by abends

HEy F0ig!

Nice pics mate. Just good to know you are killing it !

Comment by Matto

Some great shots here, love the single-person portraits ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Harrison

excellent shot, F0ig!
Oh: just got a f100 myself.
it’s a precious camera!
but I still like the zeiss
r/f a lot…

Comment by Noons

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