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Resurrection Fern
October 17, 2007, 12:51 pm
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Have had one of the roughest months in my brief, and mainly trivial existence. The events that have occurred will result in me not posting any more photos from my trip to London and Europe, if you get my gist.

This lot are just photos from the last few months, i have only shot about 10 frames since the start of September, and still have no desire to pick up the camera. It sucks, but at the same time it feels great not having a camera everywhere I go and actually being involved in the activities I engage in, rather than constantly observing and standing back shooting.

Anyway still picking up the pieces, or rather I have picked them up and now I’m putting them back together, but they are forming something different this time. Its all very confusing.



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Let me guess .. you fought with your travel mates ❤

Comment by Sebastian

Hey Fergus

Had been wondering when you’d put some more pictures up. Hope everything turns out OK – good idea to leave the camera and get involved from time to time.

Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures when things are better.

Take it easy mate,


Comment by Craig

…nice people will always be left hanging….but then again they somehow come out better…

nice to see your back.

Comment by marius

ha, i guess i know what you mean. precious stuff.

http://users.on.net/~fergus/randoms23/08.jpg is very nice i think.

and hey, becoming a cynical ain’t such a bad thing.

Comment by Bernhard

I totally agree mate about the whole thing. I’ve felt so un-inspired recently and havn’t felt like picking up a camera at all. So I stopped and took a break and saw where I actually wanted my photography to go. Now i’m easing back into it though taking a few pics here and there, and they are actually turning out better for that.
I hope that things work out for you mate,

take it easy,


Comment by Spencer P

Hey mate, sorry to hear about things troubling your mind… It’s not too bad if the pieces form a different form, as long as all the pieces are still there. Things just need to find their place I guess; takes time. Photography will probably get back to you again too in some way.
But I can understand how it’s nice to not have a camera with you sometimes and being actually involved in situations rather than stepping outside the circle to document it. I often leave my camera at home when I’m going to a concert or something. Just to plainly enjoy.
Anywho, it was good looking at this entry. I dig a lot from it. Take care and hope things are looking up for you soon.

Comment by Suzan

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