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April 17, 2008, 7:04 pm
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Moving back to Manly next weekend, so only ended up spending about 6 weeks or so back up in Avalon. Only reason is because i got offered a room right in Manly at a price i can afford (infact its bloody cheap). This is important as im heading to Canada at the end of the year to do a season and learn how to snowbaord, can. not. wait.

Here are some random frames over the last few weeks. Hoo Ray.

Adam is a bedroom superstar!

I like this one.

And this one.


This one of my sister is quite old, i think it goes back to march last year, 400nc, needs to be viewed large.

Adams mate Masa staying from Japan for one year, crazy ass mother.

Had a bit of a hailstorm come through, strange this time of year.

Light! Nice light, dont get to shoot very often in this sort of stuff anymore what with the hours i work, but that could change in the coming months…


Stay classy interweb!


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really dig those two, ace!

Comment by Wid

ahh good times in avalon, used to stay there at my friend jesses house….

nice skies on the beach, reminds me of the one from bondi with the little kiddo tossing himself in the pool.

Comment by marius

i also liked the reflection pic and the one of your sis a lot. cheers

Comment by Linus

The bedroom superstar frame is great! Also this one I really dig: http://users.on.net/~fergus/080417/04.jpg
Makes me wanna do some double exposures again! But I’m always afraid it’ll fuck up a frame I’d’ve like otherwise 😉
And yeah, the light here http://users.on.net/~fergus/080417/14.jpg totally awesome!!

Comment by Suzan

the reflections shot are indeed superb.hope you shoot some more of them:)
and the two last shots make a nice combination composition and color wise.
keep it up!

Comment by kira

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