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May 30, 2008, 8:18 pm
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Been awhile huh, settling into my new place. Its pretty rad, very central. Plans are coming together for Canada at the end of the year, its going to be sick. Hopefully this young wee lass will make it over, start saving Mel Tan!

Those were taken the arvo before she left, she’s in London now, lucky sod.

I think the lab fucked this roll up the light had heaps more colour and warmth but the negs are just fucked, all bleached out and wierd.

See all the couples in this frame 😉

Adam and Masa, Masa ended up wigging out and bailing back to Japan, damn Masa who am i gonna skate with now?

Bye Bye Masa-san

Old frame that i found.

Well its been a blurry month being back in good ol’ Mantown, much time spent at the pub, so this last frame sums up my state at the moment 🙂

All the best guys’n’gals…


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02 is a real nice frame. didnt read ur description but i just like the story the scenery and the picture tells.

Comment by Linus

That lamp-post one is awesome Gus

Abstract without technically being abstract

Night gus

Comment by Gus

That’s awesome you’re heading to Canada!
I really love this frame:

The light and shadowplay is amazing!

Comment by Suzan

When he’d left, the only injury he had was light bruises on his jaw. Now, he had fingernail scratches down his back, bruises along his jaw, cuts and bruises on the corners of his mouth, a black eye, and most of his lower back sent shocks of searing pain up his spine.

Comment by Sergio Holmes

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