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You gotto spend some time, love.
June 30, 2008, 6:59 pm
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New Death Cab For Cutie album is pretty killer…

It was this handsome mans 21st birthday, the young’un!

Kimba is a fair animal, and his 21st was exactly as i expected, insanely drunk lads running around dressed up all kinds of crazy ways. I was only there for about 40 minutes i think, but long enough to see the speaches, where kimba projectile vomited moments before he was to give a few words. Classic, i got a photo of it happening but its pretty seedy!

Beer was drunk from shoes…

Kimba found some dodgey loophole that allows you to sell beer without a licence as long as you dont make a profit, result = 2 buck beers!

At that price you can afford to drink them from a shoe and poor them on ya head.

So impressed with your moustache Kimba.

Happy bday ya maggot!

This shot was taken a while ago, the chick noticed me taking it and her and her boyfriend demanded that i show them my pictures and delete any. Luckily it was my stop coming up so i told them that i had absolutely no reason to show them my pictures and to have a nice day. Lame.

Bedroom boredom. My view is no where near as good as my old one, but what can ya do eh…

It rained hard out for pretty much the whole of May…

Old frame from a big thunderstorm in February .

Boooooooooyah. I still have about 8 rolls of black and white film to develop that date back to last year almost, but in my move i no longer have the means to really dev anything, so who knows!



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Woah, I really dig the frame of your bedroomview! And the thunderstorm one! Damn cool!

Comment by Suzan

never take photos of strangers. never. they’re all superstars these days.

Comment by Bernhard

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