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September 29, 2008, 6:30 pm
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Ticket has been purchased. Date for departure has been set. Four more weeks left of work. Not long now…

Just over two more weeks left in Manly, then its back to Avalon for a month before i go.

The Manly Sea Eagles made the rugby league Grand Final again which is pretty epic. THe end of this year is all coming together quite nicely!

The one above and the one below where taken on my new toy, an Olympus XA. Rad little camera, its so freakin tiny, it takes awhile to learn how to handle it. Rubbish expired film that i just burnt through to test it. This little bugger will come in handy overseas.

Those last two were taken on a Canon 1D MKIII, pretty cool camera, the colours that it produces are wicked, there is very little photoshop work in those two frames, the light was incredible!

The last photo is over a year old, taken last winter just before i was due to go to London for that fatefull trip. I found it whilst i was trawling through my archives, comparing how much i was shooting a year or more ago compared to now. I dont know how i missed it because i really like it now. Its funny how that happens, you leave an image for a long period of time then go back to it you appreciate it differently (or not at all in some cases). I remember when i took this dismissed it because it didnt have anyone in the frame, now i look at it im glad there isnt.

Funny huh.


Ps New Kings of Leon is pretty tidy…


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have a great trip, mate.
enjoy yourself and make sure you get
the most out of it!

say hello again when you’re back,
or post entries here so we all
know how things are going with you.

above all: have a heap of fun!

Comment by wizofoz2k

where are you heading to?

besides: post more often.

Comment by Bernhard

To Canada my man for some hard out mountain fun

Comment by Fergus

just stumbled across these awesome photos and recognised one of the rooms…. you are gifted young man.. go forth and conquer!!

Comment by Dorz

really like the seaguls’s photo.

Comment by Ricardo Jorge Carvalho

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