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Mines a Pint has moved!
December 20, 2010, 4:10 pm
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Yo Yo not sure if anyone still knows of this photoblogs existance but its back online here.

Change your bookmarks, and expect updates (i hope!)



My empire of dirt.
October 23, 2008, 5:37 pm
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I shot a friends of mines wedding (paid), it was a daunting experience and a long day but rewarding and fun. I did make a couple of mistakes here and there but otherwise thought i did ok for my first wedding. Its hard when its your friends getting married as you just want to celebrate the day with them.

I will actually have some new photos to post up next month! I took 2 whole rolls off to the lab the other day, so if there is more than one or two good frames i will have an update.

I have moved back to my parents house and realise that i have 9 rolls of trix sitting here that i need to develop, hopefully i can get them done before i leave.

I only have one week left at work! Hoooooooray.

If you havent heard Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nails – Hurt then listen to it, its freakin awesome.


Dreaming of revelry…
September 29, 2008, 6:30 pm
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Ticket has been purchased. Date for departure has been set. Four more weeks left of work. Not long now…

Just over two more weeks left in Manly, then its back to Avalon for a month before i go.

The Manly Sea Eagles made the rugby league Grand Final again which is pretty epic. THe end of this year is all coming together quite nicely!

The one above and the one below where taken on my new toy, an Olympus XA. Rad little camera, its so freakin tiny, it takes awhile to learn how to handle it. Rubbish expired film that i just burnt through to test it. This little bugger will come in handy overseas.

Those last two were taken on a Canon 1D MKIII, pretty cool camera, the colours that it produces are wicked, there is very little photoshop work in those two frames, the light was incredible!

The last photo is over a year old, taken last winter just before i was due to go to London for that fatefull trip. I found it whilst i was trawling through my archives, comparing how much i was shooting a year or more ago compared to now. I dont know how i missed it because i really like it now. Its funny how that happens, you leave an image for a long period of time then go back to it you appreciate it differently (or not at all in some cases). I remember when i took this dismissed it because it didnt have anyone in the frame, now i look at it im glad there isnt.

Funny huh.


Ps New Kings of Leon is pretty tidy…

August 14, 2008, 7:56 pm
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I got my Ricoh GR back yesterday, had to get its flash replaced, which sucked but was worth it.

No updates recently as i have not really been shooting at all. The odd frame here and there. Been very busy working and saving for Canada. Went baording last week in fact and got amped for the season ahead.

Not too much longer now.

You gotto spend some time, love.
June 30, 2008, 6:59 pm
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New Death Cab For Cutie album is pretty killer…

It was this handsome mans 21st birthday, the young’un!

Kimba is a fair animal, and his 21st was exactly as i expected, insanely drunk lads running around dressed up all kinds of crazy ways. I was only there for about 40 minutes i think, but long enough to see the speaches, where kimba projectile vomited moments before he was to give a few words. Classic, i got a photo of it happening but its pretty seedy!

Beer was drunk from shoes…

Kimba found some dodgey loophole that allows you to sell beer without a licence as long as you dont make a profit, result = 2 buck beers!

At that price you can afford to drink them from a shoe and poor them on ya head.

So impressed with your moustache Kimba.

Happy bday ya maggot!

This shot was taken a while ago, the chick noticed me taking it and her and her boyfriend demanded that i show them my pictures and delete any. Luckily it was my stop coming up so i told them that i had absolutely no reason to show them my pictures and to have a nice day. Lame.

Bedroom boredom. My view is no where near as good as my old one, but what can ya do eh…

It rained hard out for pretty much the whole of May…

Old frame from a big thunderstorm in February .

Boooooooooyah. I still have about 8 rolls of black and white film to develop that date back to last year almost, but in my move i no longer have the means to really dev anything, so who knows!


May 30, 2008, 8:18 pm
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Been awhile huh, settling into my new place. Its pretty rad, very central. Plans are coming together for Canada at the end of the year, its going to be sick. Hopefully this young wee lass will make it over, start saving Mel Tan!

Those were taken the arvo before she left, she’s in London now, lucky sod.

I think the lab fucked this roll up the light had heaps more colour and warmth but the negs are just fucked, all bleached out and wierd.

See all the couples in this frame 😉

Adam and Masa, Masa ended up wigging out and bailing back to Japan, damn Masa who am i gonna skate with now?

Bye Bye Masa-san

Old frame that i found.

Well its been a blurry month being back in good ol’ Mantown, much time spent at the pub, so this last frame sums up my state at the moment 🙂

All the best guys’n’gals…

In the Reigns
April 17, 2008, 7:04 pm
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Moving back to Manly next weekend, so only ended up spending about 6 weeks or so back up in Avalon. Only reason is because i got offered a room right in Manly at a price i can afford (infact its bloody cheap). This is important as im heading to Canada at the end of the year to do a season and learn how to snowbaord, can. not. wait.

Here are some random frames over the last few weeks. Hoo Ray.

Adam is a bedroom superstar!

I like this one.

And this one.


This one of my sister is quite old, i think it goes back to march last year, 400nc, needs to be viewed large.

Adams mate Masa staying from Japan for one year, crazy ass mother.

Had a bit of a hailstorm come through, strange this time of year.

Light! Nice light, dont get to shoot very often in this sort of stuff anymore what with the hours i work, but that could change in the coming months…


Stay classy interweb!